NMS Name Generator

No Man's Sky Planet Name Generator

This page is here to generate names for planets in the upcoming game No Man's Sky. These names are not representative of the pre-generated names that are going to be in the game.

There are two types of names. Standard Names and Coded Names.

Standard Names are randomly generated. A list of name parts is retrieved. When this option is used the generator will pick a pattern, and then some words to fill in that pattern. The result is a randomly generated name.

Coded Names take information that you have given and generates a meaningful name. There are 4 major parts to a name: Solar Prefix, Solar Index, Planetary Index, and Planetary Suffix.

The Solar Prefix gives information to what the planet's star is like. Possible values are:

If the star does not fit a category, this can be left blank.

The Solar Index informs the reader of the star's colour. In the case of a binary system, only the first letter of each colour is used.

The Planetary Index describes the planet itself. It consists of three didgits, each describing a different aspect.

The Planetary Suffix gives further information on the planet.

If none of the conditions apply, this can be left blank.

This generator was inspired by /u/Toracr's post on /r/NoMansSkyTheGame.